VPS presents its service of Email Marketing

Developed and thought especially for users who do not want to waste time in learning to use the use tool, highly intuitive and for that reason less nonpowerful east system will allow him to initiate multiple campaigns of Email Marketing in a few clicks, seeing in real time the statistics of reception and reading of the same.

You do not stop seeing in detail the virtues of our new service I cheeped of this page!

We have the best prices of the market!

Table of prices for E-mail Marketing

Palomo 2

mails x month

  • Final AR$392 x month
  • AR$0,0392 by sent mail
  • Customized fields
  • Statistics
  • Prediseñadas groups
Palomo 3

mails x month

  • Final AR$448 x month
  • AR$0,0298 by sent mail
  • Customized fields
  • Statistics
  • Prediseñadas groups
but recommended
Palomo 4

mails x month

  • Final AR$532 x month
  • AR$0,0212 by sent mail
  • Customized fields
  • Statistics
  • Prediseñadas groups
Palomo 5

mails x month

  • Final AR$840 x month
  • AR$0,0168 by sent mail
  • Customized fields
  • Statistics
  • Prediseñadas groups
Palomo 6

mails x month

  • Final AR$1190 x month
  • AR$0,0119 by sent mail
  • Customized fields
  • Statistics
  • Prediseñadas groups

Form of hiring

Not yet I am client of VPS

Making click in the bellboys who say “To buy? you will be taken to the request on watch, after entering your data you will be able to select the type of plan of Email Marketing, on the basis of the amount of monthly shipments that you need, when finalizing the request will arrive a pay slip to you, once credited the same you will receive from automatic form a mail of the system with your user and password.

I am already client of VPS

If SOS client podés to already accede to the service of Email Marketing from your panel of self-management. If disponés of the access data I did not write a: administracion@lemanhost.com

Characteristics of the program

The lowest price
From AR$ 0,0036 end by Email!
It is used from Internet
It is not necessary to install in your PC
Completely intuitive
If sabés to use a navigator (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc) you are going to be able to use this service
Limitless lists and campaigns
You will be able to load the number of the mail lists that you wish and in parallel to send the campaigns that you need.
Different forms to load the directions of Email
Tipeando one by one, copying and sticking, concerning text files, until complexes CSV with customized fields defined by you for each list.
Customized fields
For, for example, being able to put Considered “name? and that it names he is the one of each particular adressee of automatic form.
Auto-purification of Lists
The repeated directions of Email erase automatically, badly written or nonexistent
Segmentation of Lists
In order to only send partially to a same list, to those adressees who have the characteristics that you specify.
Predesigned groups
If tenés a designer in three clicks you will not be able to only use one of ours templates special for EMails, changing some image (as your logo) and the texts.
White brand
Possibility of changing to the logo and direct access to the tool so that it is not associated with the service of VPS
Import of own groups
If tenés an own design you will be able to concern it in a few clicks being available already for each campaign that you initiate.
Advanced publisher
You are going to be able to arm your own designs of zero using our powerful and intuitive publisher, being able to concern attached images and archives, being the same ready ones to be sent (without needing before raising them other places)
I resend of campaigns
You will not need to return to design of zero each campaign, will be able to take one or sent and in a click to publish it and to resend it (to the same list of EMails or a new one).
System of automatic desuscripción
Connection inferior (of editable text) of optative automatic desuscripción. In addition to automatic integration with the remote service of desuscripción of suppliers as hotmail.
Previous Vista and Email of test
Before initiating the shipment of a campaign you are going to be able to generate a previous view or to send an Email to you of test to confirm that the design arrives suitably.
Possibility of slowing down shipments
You will be able to stop, to publish, to resume, to reinitiate or to erase a shipment in course.
Programming of shipments
You will have the possibility of arming and of programming to future, dated and hour, the beginning of the shipments of your campaigns.
Statistics with graphs
You will be able to make the pursuit in real time of the statistics of your shipment. The system will inform you on the amount into EMails sent correctly, it will give to reading confirmations showing the adressees you who read your mail, will give a detail of those who was desuscribieron and the list you of the post office to which it was not possible to be given in detail of the error.

NOTE: The service of Email Marketing of VPS is not designed as tool of wished mail (SPAM), is not prohibited to send post office to adressees who do not wish to receive the same, from since under this category are the bought or collected lists of Email without due authorization of the adressees. The present tool is excellent to maintain a fluid communication with its already existing clients, subscribers and contacts.

- Service of email campaigns marketing, to newsletter, segmented marketing and mailing in VPS Networks limited liability company. -

The listed prices include IVA