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The importance of having a domain

The first step fundamental to have presence with your brand in Internet is to have a name domain. The domain is used you for your website and your directions as mail. It does not matter if the completion of a domain is national or international. All can turns without problems from any side of the world.

Purchase of international domains

In VPS we registered and we administered your international domain, so that you do not have to fight with seteos of DNS in the organizations where the domains are registered. Also we can buy a domain to your name and pass the control to you of the domain. In our best virtual server hosting, we can register international domains to your name (.com, .net, .org, .info, etc.). For example,,  and many more. To see the table of prices:

Domain 1 year 2 years 3 years 5 years
.com AR$ 500. - AR$ 1000. - AR$ 1500. - AR$ 2500. -
.net AR$ 700. - AR$ 1400. - AR$ 2100. - AR$ 3500. -
.org AR$ 750. - AR$ 1500. - AR$ 2250. - AR$ 3750. -
.info AR$ 500. - AR$ 1000. - AR$ 1500. - AR$ 2500. -

Registry of national domains

In order to be able to register national domains it will be necessary to count on CUIT or CUIL and fiscal key to be able to operate with domains that have completion Of this form, your user of NIC will pass to be your CUIT/CUIL and your password the fiscal key. In the page of NIC Argentina he is explained in detail as adhering the service of NIC Argentina and remote Trámites in AFIP and as generating a new relation in AFIP to be able to register and to administer your domains.

Is Your domain free to buy?

First that there is to do it is to determine if the domain that querés is available. For this it is necessary to follow these simple steps:
  • To enter a:, and to enter the domain in the field “To look for the data base WHOIS?. Click in the button “To look for?.
  • To enter the code that appears in screen and click in “Verifying code? This gives back the information of the domain, where podés to see the availability.
  • If the domain is available to buy podés already to complete the request of registry of domains.

If volvé is not disponlible to try with another domain until you find one free one to be registered.

You knew that…?

  • Hundreds of extensions of domain exist.
  • They are not .com domains of four letters.
  • The extension .cc pertenence to the Islands Coconuts.
  • They exist but of 314 million registered domains.
  • Of these 314 million almost 140 million are domains .com and .net.
  • The amount of registered domains increases to 9% every year.