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Nights of vinyl

VPS always solved the problems that were arising to me. It gave customized support me in streaming nowadays and itself transmitting my Radius Online with an excellent quality.

Jaime Niederer - Nights of Vinyl


He enchants the Streaming de Radio and the service to me that offer. For years I have been client of VPS and practically are no problems. The technical support is exceptional.

Ana Rosso - Healing the life

  • Multipurpose

    I transmitted in audio real time by streaming of your music, the news, publicity of your products and services, events, conferences, courses online and much more.

  • Simple

    It was never so simple to have your own radio online, in a few passages from your PC or raising to your music and/or archives of audio your panel they will be able to listen to you from your webpage, smartphones, Tablets, iPads, iPods, video game consoles, smart TV and but.

  • It always works
    It always works

    Podés to choose between several players in flash and html5 that is put in your webpage in minutes, our exclusive system recognizes the device with which your listener connects itself, of this form deriving it when suitable player for him.

Contract a plan of more than 100 listeners and takes your customized App to you with your logo in Google Play without position!

Our servants are in Argentina!

The data process must be by multiple servants from their origin to the destiny, if your servant of streaming is in Argentina your service will respond up to 10 times but fast (a package average delays 20 ms against the 200 ms average from the USA). Whatever less servants have in means but fast it will be the transmission.

Quality of Radio HD

I transmitted in format MP3 or AAC+, this last one also known as Radio HD allows to three times greater quality you of sound with the same speed of 32 transmission, that is to say you transmit to Kbps and you listen to it as a 96 MP3 of Kbps, an excellent quality of audio for your radius. Your own app so that they listen to million to you! The users of smartphones will be able to free lower to your application in Google play store.

AV Radio - Characteristic

  • Servants with Icecast v2 and SHOUTcast v2
  • Control Panel Centova Cast v3 with statistics of listeners in real time and historical (also in AAC+).
  • AutoDJ to transmit audio from the panel when you are disconnected.
  • Up to 5 GB of AutoDJ space to raise archives of audio.
  • MP3 and AAC+ (HE-AAC v2, also well-known as aacPlus or Radio HD)
  • Players in Flash or HTML5
  • Reproducer in HTML5 with Jplayer (cross-platform, including smartphones)
  • Plug-in de SHOUTcast DSP and EdCast to transmit in MP3 or AAC+ from Winamp
  • Accesses to listen from Windows Media, Real Player, iTunes, Winamp, Quick Time, VLC Media Player.
  • Manuals of use of the service, as much for the transmisición as for the reproducers.
  • Technical support by telephone, Email and by tickets from your panel of self-management.

AV Radio - comparative Picture


AR$ 198 xs month

In annual payment
  • 50 listeners
  • AutoDJ with 3 GB
  • 32 Kbps
  • Control Panel Centova

AR$ 308 xs month

In annual payment
  • 100 simultaneous listeners
  • AutoDJ with 5 GB
  • 64 Kbps
  • Control Panel Centova

AR$ 583 xs month

In annual payment
  • 200 simultaneous listeners
  • AutoDJ with 5 GB
  • 128 Kbps
  • Control Panel Centova

You do not wait for more! I chose your plan of Streaming Radio and empezá to transmit!