The present Policy of Privacy establishes the terms in which VPS Networks SRL uses and protects the information that is provided by its users at the time of sailing its website. The company is it jeopardize with the security of the data of its users. When we asked to him to complete personal information with will be identified it, we do it assuring that only one will be used in agreement with the terms of the present text. Despite this Policy of Privacy it can turns subject to modifications with running of the time or up-to-date being reason why we recommended to review this page regularly to make sure that it is in agreement with the modifications.

Compiled information

Ours website will be able to take personal information, examples: Name, data of contact, direction of E-mail and demographic information. Also when it is required this information can be used to process orders or to realise a delivery or invoicing.

Use of the compiled information

Ours website uses the information with the purpose of to provide the best possible service, to maintain a registry of users, requests, and to improve our products and services. It is possible that they are sent E-mails regularly through our page with special promotions, new products and services and another advertising information that we consider excellent or of interest for you, these E-mails will be sent to the direction who you offer and could be cancelled.

VPS Networks SRL is committed to maintain its safe information. We update and we monitored our systems of constant form to avoid accesses nonauthorized.


A cookie is a file that, previous authorization of its part, is stored in its computer, the same serves to compile information on its use of the website in which it is, among others allows things to improve its experience of use of a specific webpage, additionally can be stored information on its interests, this information could later be used for campaigns of remarketing, in which supplies become that can get to interest to him particularly.

Ours website uses the cookies to be able to identify the pages that are visited and their frequency, the form which entered, whichever times returned to enter and that forms it completed. This information is used for statistical analysis, later campaigns and communications and after a period of 30 to 90 days are eliminated permanently. You can at any time eliminate the cookies from his computer. He considers that the cookies do not represent a problem of security for you and its equipment, at least no of which registry to the day of the date is had. He can accept or deny the use of cookies from his navigating Web. Also he can change the configuration of his computer to decline the cookies. If they are declined could get to happen that some contents of our site are not or work correctly.

Connections to Third parties

This website can get to contain connections to other pages that can get to be from their interest. Once you make click in these links and leaves our site, no longer we will have the control on the site and its contents to which she will be redirigido, therefore are not responsible for the terms or privacy nor for the protection of its data in those other sites of third parties. These pages are subject to their own policies of privacy thus is recommendable that consults them in the final destination and of this form it can give his conformity with the same.

Control of its personal information

At any time you can restrict the compilation or the use of the personal information that website is provided to ours, using the form of contact in the menu superior can write to us and solicit that their data are used neither to receive e-mails nor publicity by campaigns of remarketing.

Our company will not sell, will yield nor distribute its personal information without its previous, safe consent, of course, that is required by a judge with a warrant.

VPS Networks reserves the right at any time to modify the terms of the present Policies of Privacy.

The present Policy of Privacy complements our Terms and conditions on watch.