We thank for all our clients, since thanks to them we could implement our plan of Responsabilidad Social Empresaria (RSE). We present the foundations sponsored people by VPS.


  • It is a foundation for charity, created in 1956, to serve to the community in the investigation, diagnosis and treatment of the oncologic diseases of the blood.
  • In FUNDALEU, scientific research and social action, are united closely to offer attendance to all the community.
  • In addition it constitutes a qualification pole and teaching, offering scholarships to professionals of the rear area, so that they specialize in hematology and soon they return to his place of origin.
  • The work of the doctors and investigators in FUNDALEU, putting to the service of the community, is the putting of access to the precocious diagnosis and the opportune treatment.
  • FUNDALEU not only treats the disease, but it tries from his origin, to realise integral the human promotion of the person and its family.
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Association To promote - Family CONIN

  • It is a Civil Association for charity that from 2008 works to improve the quality of life of children and families in situation of vulnerability in Frank District J.J. of the city of Gualeguaychú, Between Rivers. The work axes are: the prevention of the infantile undernourishment, the human promotion and the integral education, with the aim of which the families can the future face the present and better opportunities.
  • From the year the 2010 Association To promote form leaves from the Family of Centers CONIN (Co-worker for the Infantile Nutrition) founded by the Dr. Abel Albino on the province of Mendoza in 1993 following the successful model implemented by the Prof. Dr. Fernando Mönckeberg on the Republic of Chile and thanks to which this country counts more on the index under undernourishment in Latin America.
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We are Cedemil

We are Cedemil At the moment established in Rebuke to them, Pcia of Buenos Aires, are an organization for charity who from 1990 offers opportunities of use to people incapacity at the same time as she enables them for the work, working as nexus in the labor market.

  • We are Cooks, dedicated to the product elaboration of pastry shop, candies and conserves of excellent quality and the “elaboration? and service of the lunch for all the personnel.
  • We are Value Added specialized to the tercerización of services of in tasks of packaging, classification and divided of products for external companies and clients.
  • We are of the Earth led the production of aromatic for the commercialization in fresh, to the culture of fine fruits elaboration of our candies and to the maintenance of its estate of 7 You have. Parquizado.

In We are Cedemil the formation and qualification is key at the time of transmitting their values. It is why the areas of We are Use and We are Training must as objective form and support to the people with intellectual incapacity for its formation, labor insertion and search of use through Department of Use with support, that has specialized professionals.

In year 2013 School of Families is created, a space of encounter and formation to all the relatives of some person with incapacity who want to share experiences and to become rich of the interchange.

This way, fulfilling his mission, they look for to every time benefit to more people with incapacity improving his quality from life.

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Home of the Pillar

The initiative to found the Home of the PIlarsurgió on 2000, from the restlessness of a group of volunteers of the Parish Our Lady of the Pilar de Capitán Sarmiento, who served chocolatada and to cookies to children all the Saturdays, since many of them were fed exclusively on the school cafeterias, who closed the week ends. Glory P., one of the volunteers, took contact with the sad situation from abandonment and battering that lived some and felt the necessity to open a house that became a support for its lives.

Plaited esparto rope V., of the directive commission of the home, explains that partly they achieved his objective, since in the home an air of pleasant freedom is breathed. “The boys arrive in bike of the school, go to the birthday of a friend or rent to a video the week ends. They handle themselves in the house as any boy of family. And that one is our intention, that can enjoy their demurrage in the home?.

One of the things that began to notice was the necessity that the boys learned an office to count on a labor exit when they withdrew. “It is why we created the art, kitchen, computation factories, and opened a laundry with two rented people, that maintains to the rest of the factories, and where the greatest boys collaborate three hours to the day? concluded Glory P

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Dignity is an organization for charity whom a space of formation in offices offers and labor competitions partner to all those people who need to become qualified to find a a job. It works with vulnerable, greater population of 17 years, with restlessness to change his reality through the education.

It accompanies his students and withdrawn in the process of labor insertion facilitating the bond with generating companies of use and also it offers tools in emprendedorismo. This way it allows that each person chooses the labor course according to her preferences.

In their headquarters, located on the street Brazil 1190 of the city of Destroying, courses in the following areas are dictated: gastronomy, clothing, manicuría, shaving, pedicuría, electricity and computer science. Each area works in a space equipped with all the necessary machineries and tools for the dictation of the courses.

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Shared in common network

On 1995 Juan Carr it founded Shared in common Network next to five friendly. The idea was simple: to unite to those who had a necessity determined with all those ready to offer aid to them.

If in some place of Argentina there were a lost boy, if somebody needed a transplant; if they existed infinity of needs in communities of original towns; if there were to face ecological conflicts or to solve the situation of which they were on the street living; if a community required schools, or foods, or hope, now also an enormous group of prepared people existed to do the impossible thing to listen, to accompany and to try to solve next to them each obstacle and each conflict.

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