Tené your website with Certificate of Security SSL

Certificate of security SSL for your website
Let advise to us to you without position!


I want to be thankful to those who collaborated in the migration of the domains of the different companies that I have position, as well as to all the people who integrate the Technical Support, who always responded fast and effectively to each of my consultations. Again, thank you very much!

Mariana Derosa - Coord. of Computer science ESBA

Francisco Cayol

First I in the heat of congratulate them by all the advances crisis. VPS helped us to implement the safe servant https for the tranquillity of our clients. When being physically in Argentina the speed of the site is excellent.

Francisco Cayol - Diagnóstico y Soluciones SA

What is a Certificate SSL?

Certificate SSL gives certainty of which the servant to where one is being connected is really who claims to be. Once established the identity of the servant the data between their machine and the servant travel of encriptada form, so that, if somebody got to intercept those data, it could not decipher them.
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These are some of the characteristics of Certificate SSL

  • Automated validation
  • Encryption of 256 bits
  • It is not necessary a dedicated IP
  • Compatible with all the popular navigators
  • Aid to your positioning in Google

Give tranquillity him to your visitors with a Certificate SSL!

Your data travel safely encriptados.

  • Ten&es that not to do anything
    Very easy to use

    It is not necessary that you have technical knowledge, since tenés that not to do anything. The certificate we installed it.

  • You do not lose positioning in Google
    Better positioning

    Google began to penalize to the sites that do not have SSL. Aparecé arrives of your competition with your website in SSL.

  • Automatic renovation

    Tenés that not to worry you about the victory about certificate SSL. We will renew it automatically.

How affect does site the change to https?

Your site will only change the HTTP direction https. This is not going to affect the present positioning that you have in Google since we will generate a redireccionamento to you 301 for Google transfers the positioning to your new direction. Iguamente the visitors of your website will be able to continue entering with the domain with HTTP since they will be redirected to https.

IMPORTANT: The service of SSL is imprescinible for sites that handle to sensible data as information or credit cards of users.

I need to change my plan of hosting to have SSL?

No. The service of Certificate SSL is an additional one to your present plan of hosting. Although he is highly recommendable to have the site with SSL, it is necessary to consider that is not obligation to contract Certificate SSL. Also it is possible to be contracted to the service by some months and soon to only give it of loss.

To ask for Certificate SSL
Solicitá here your certificate SSL
Only for clients of VPS

With Certificate SSL you do not lose your positioning in Google!

With certificate SSL it appears a green padlock in the bar of direction, as which you see above at this moment above in your navigator . Aid to search engine optimization, is necessary for sites that make transactions of purchases online.